Halliburton finishes testing third DDW well

Vol 17, PW 25 (31 Jul 14) Exploration & Production

Halliburton has finished testing GSPC’s third Deen Dayal West development well and expects to complete it by early August.

GSPC began drilling shallow water well D2 in mid-April using Nabors platform rig #805 and completed drilling to around 5000 metres by mid-June. GSPC has already completed two development wells at block KG-OSN-2001/3, which includes DD-West: D1 drilled to 4900 metres in August 2012 and D3 drilled to 4829 metres in November 2012 - both ready for production pending government approval of GSPC's gas price.

GSPC carried out a price discovery exercise for an initial flow of 2.32m cm/d with 37 companies in February 2013, yielding a price of $14.2/mmbtu. GSPC expects the oil ministry to approve the price in August.

“Permission to begin production is stuck,” he says. “But we're gearing up for production by end-August.

” Besides testing and completion services, Halliburton beat Weatherford in March 2014 to supply specialist 8-½ inch directional drilling tools to GSPC on a two year contract, with an optional one-year extension, for work on six HT/HP wells at DD-West. Halliburton is supplying its geo-pilot rotary system for directional drilling, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools.

Deen Dayal West is a complex field with temperatures of 350 to 450 degrees centigrade, gas pockets and pressure regression or pockets of low pressure.

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