Mumbai office for EMAS

Vol 13, PW 26 (17 Jun 10) News in Brief

Singapore-based oilfield services group EMAS Offshore is setting up a marketing office in New Mumbai in anticipation of a spurt in new contracts.

“After the monsoon business picks up,” says a company source. “All contracts will be finalised in the next three months.

” In the last 12 months, EMAS had four boats operating in Indian waters. Between December 2009 and March, accommodation barge Lewek Chancellor and supply vessel Lewek Robin were on contract to British Gas at the Panna and Mukta fields, before moving back to Singapore, and then Malaysia.

Last Sunday, a third boat, Lewek Stork, began towing Blackford Dolphin to Cape Town, following Reliance’s decision to sub-let the deepwater semi-submersible to another operator. Only anchor handling tug Lewek Harrier, its fourth boat, is still in India, working for Reliance at D6 until July, when its contract expires.

Set up in 1992, EMAS has a fleet of 48 vessels and in India has an operations office at Vizag.