Srivastava settles in at DGH

Vol 13, PW 17 (11 Feb 10) News in Brief

Many believe it’s only a matter of time before SK Srivastava (left) is formally appointed new director general at the DGH to replace VK Sibal.

PETROWATCH learns the 55-year old interim DG was the “unanimous choiceâ€‌ of the cabinet secretary-led selection committee during interviews on January 28. Others interviewed were: S.

Rath from Oil India; J. Vijay Kumar, A.

Verma and AK Mitra from ONGC. NK Verma (ONGC) was shortlisted but did not turn up.

Contacted by this report, Srivastava shrugs off any congratulations with a laugh. “I appeared for the interview,â€‌ he said.

“Results have yet to come!â€‌ Srivastava has been acting DGH chief since last November and was deputy director general between August 2007 and September 30, 2009. “Srivastava received vigilance clearance in October when he took over as Oil India director operations,â€‌ says a well wisher.

“His formal appointment should come before April.â€‌