SK Srivastava is new director operations at Oil India

Vol 12, PW 26 (04 Jun 09) People & Policy

Oil India veteran SK Srivastava will be the company’s next director operations after coming first in interviews at the Public Enterprises Selection Board in Delhi on May 28.

PETROWATCH learns 55-year old Srivastava, on loan to the DGH as deputy director general, is likely to begin his new post in six weeks. PK Borthakur, asset manager of ONGC’s Bassein gasfield, came second.

Contacted by this report, Srivastava describes his two years at the DGH in glowing terms. “I feel I have discovered myself at the DGH,â€‌ he says.

“I am amazed at the amount of work I could do there.â€‌ Srivastava was overseeing exploration and development of NELP, pre-NELP and nomination blocks during his nearly two years at the DGH.

“I was also involved in approving the field development plans of companies,â€‌ he adds. “I was looking after 86 ONGC blocks and their nomination PELs also.

â€‌ Srivastava’s selection as Oil India director operations, say friends, is sweet revenge, as he had lost the post of director exploration to BN Talukdar in April 2007. “Srivastava had to wait close to two years more than usual to join the company board,â€‌ says a well wisher.

“He has served for more than 30 years. He was â€کcompensated’ by a posting at the DGH, which has done him a lot of good.

â€‌ Born on June 13, 1955, Srivastava joined Oil India in May 1977. A geologist, he rose through the ranks and for six years headed the department that plans and monitors all exploration and production wells drilled by Oil India in the northeast.

After that, he headed the entire exploration activity in the northeast for three years before coming to Delhi to assume the post of chief advisor, exploration and development. In August 2007, Srivastava moved to the DGH as deputy director general where he helped promote the NELP VII round launched in November 2007.

Srivastava has also been actively involved in planning and identifying oil and gas as well as CBM blocks that are on offer in the NELP-VIII and CBM-IV rounds.