Jubilant to test three promising Cauvery wells

Vol 13, PW 14 (17 Dec 09) Exploration & Production

Jubilant Energy will begin testing three wells at its promising 680-sq km NELP-IV onland Cauvery basin block CY-ONN-2002/1 by December 20, amid indications of promising gas shows.

Well CY-1 was drilled end-2007 with a 2000-hp John Energy rig, and then tested for two zones in January 2008, and will now undergo further testing. When last tested, CY-1 flowed around 1000 cm/d in the Sattapadi and Andimadam formations through a آ½-inch choke.

“Jubilant might test two to three more zones at CY-I,â€‌ we hear. Wells CY-2 and CY-4 were both drilled and completed by September 2008 by the same rig but have not yet been tested.

“Each well may take 15 to 20 days to test,â€‌ reports a source. PETROWATCH learns Techno Canada - hired by Jubilant to carry out â€کconventional testing’ with â€کproper down-hole measurement tools’ - mobilised some of the necessary equipment by December 9.

Last month (November) Jubilant also hired a 1000-hp workover rig from Gujarat-based John Energy. “That rig is being mobilised to the site as we speak,â€‌ adds a source.

CY-2 and CY-4 were not tested after completion in September, as Jubilant was busy trying to â€کhydrofrac’ CY-1 at the time. “But they were unsuccessful with the â€کhydrofrac’ and decided to come back to all three wells later,â€‌ we are told.

Jubilant decided against a Drill Stem Test (DST) for these wells because it is more expensive than conventional testing. We also learn Halliburton has been hired to â€کhydrofrac’ all three wells to get a detailed picture of the state of the reservoir.

“All three wells are very â€کtight’,â€‌ says a drilling contractor source. “By using the â€کhydrofrac’ method, the permeability and porosity of the sands will be increased so that gas can flow easily to the surface for testing.

â€‌ Jubilant plans to test up to six zones between 3200 metres and 4000 metres at the three wells.