Choubey at SCOPE after GAIL

Vol 13, PW 4 (30 Jul 09) News in Brief

Five months ago we reported that outgoing GAIL chairman Dr.

UD Choubey would become the next director general of the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises or SCOPE, an industry body based in Delhi. Last week a call to SCOPE confirmed the rumour.

“Dr. Choubey is the new DG,â€‌ confirmed a receptionist.

“He is not yet attending regularly.â€‌ Choubey, we hear, will start sitting in his new office from August 1, when he steps down from GAIL.

“Being DG of SCOPE is a five-year post,â€‌ says a well-wisher. “It suits him; it is a respectable job and he will stay in circulation.

â€‌ A visibly emotional Choubey meanwhile waxed lyrical during an informal dinner with journalists on July 20 at a five-star hotel in Delhi, arriving 45 minutes later than scheduled. Choubey generously lauded the “love and supportâ€‌ he has received from the media (which he compared to a tiger!) in a ten-minute speech laden with quotes from eminent writers.

GAIL chairman designate BC Tripathi listened attentively…