Kharsang needs trucks to lift crude

Vol 13, PW 2 (02 Jul 09) News in Brief

Oil India is having trouble evacuating crude from the remote Kharsang oilfield in Arunachal Pradesh, where it holds 40%.

“There are not enough tankers to lift the crude,â€‌ reports a source. “That’s why we are going slow with production.

â€‌ Kharsang produces around 290 kilolitres/day (1800 b/d) – which is trucked 60-km to the Indian Oil refinery at Digboi in neighbouring Assam. But lack of a pipeline from Kharsang to the refinery means field operator GeoEnpro, a joint venture between French explorer Geopetrol and Jubilant Enpro, depends on the erratic supply of trucks from Oil India.

“This is an unnecessary liability for Oil India,â€‌ adds a source. “It’s a perennial problem but a PSC requirement.

â€‌ Most Kharsang crude is transported to Digboi in 12-kilolitre capacity tankers, with a minimum requirement of 24 tankers a day to evacuate all production. Over the next five years GeoEnpro is planning an additional 50 wells to hike production at Kharsang.

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