Cairn begins Bhogat work

Vol 13, PW 12 (19 Nov 09) News in Brief

Cairn India has begun work to set up receiving, storage and shipment facilities for Mangala crude at Bhogat port in western Gujarat.

PETROWATCH learns Cairn has begun fencing around 140 hectares of land for the Cairn facilities. Mangala crude received and stored at Bhogat will be filled in tankers through a single point mooring system and marine facilities will be ready by 2011.

A FEED report for the Bhogat terminal is, “expected any time soon,â€‌ says a source. Early next year Cairn hopes to complete laying a 24-inch diameter, 670-km pipeline from Barmer to carry Mangala crude to Bhogat.

Since August 29, between 80 and 130 tanker trucks, heated and insulated, carrying between 20 to 30 kilolitres of Mangala crude travel 540-km daily from Barmer to Kandla port, where crude is stored in onshore tanks before being shipped to ONGC subsidiary Mangalore Refineries. “After the pipeline is ready,â€‌ we are told, “the tanker trucks won’t be needed.


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