Kharsang oilfield in northeast set to double output

Vol 8, PW 24 (09 Mar 05) Exploration & Production

Not often do you hear of an Indian oilfield that doubles production in such a short space of time.

But thats exactly whats about to happen at the 11-sq km Kharsang oilfield in Arunachal Pradesh. Production at Kharsang is set to jump from approximately 750 b/d to 1500 b/d by July this year following an aggressive development programme that will add another five producers including one substitute well - to the 15 already there.

Rig IRI750 belonging to the Polish Oil & Gas Company will be brought in from Central Asia to carry out drilling. If approved by consortium partners, rehabilitation of two sick wells this year, could hike production by another 300 b/d to 1800 b/d.

Kharsang is a hugely under-developed field, we learn. When the PSC was signed it was expected that the field would produce 2500 b/d but its still not reached that figure.

Most of the proven reserves sit in the Girujan reservoir. When the PSC was signed on 16th June 1995, recoverable reserves at Girujan were estimated at 26.85m barrels.

Of this only 5.67m barrels or 21% - has been recovered since the field began commercial production in 1982. Recoverable reserves in two deeper reservoirs (Tipam and Barail) are yet to be established.

This should change by the end of the year when operator GeoEnpro drills an exploration well, pending approval from consortium partners. Future activity will be based on interpretation of 60-line km 2D that the consortium has recently acquired.

Former owner Oil India drilled 36 wells at Kharsang of which today only 15 to 18 are producing at any given time. Stakeholders at Kharsang are: Oil India (40%), Geopetrol of France (25%), Jubilant Enpro of India (25%) and operator GeoEnpro (10%), a 50-50 joint venture between Geopetrol and Jubilant Enpro.