Good results at Kharsang workover

Vol 11, PW 19 (07 Feb 08) News in Brief

Kharsang oil production has registered a small but significant increase, as joint venture partners Geopetrol, Jubilant and Oil India begin a 12-well workover programme on this Arunachal Pradesh block in northeast India.

“Production has increased by 120 b/d from a workover at just one well,â€‌ reports a JV source. On January 15, operator GeoEnpro (where Geopetrol and Jubilant hold 50% each) began workover operations at well No.

37 using a 100-tonne Edeco truck mounted rig from Shi Vani. Twelve days later the rig moved to well No.

24, where it will spend two weeks. Separately, seismic contractor Geophysical Institute of Israel has begun a 50-sq km 3D survey of Kharsang and surrounding areas, scheduled for completion in April.

“Drilling of â€کshot hole’ wells has started,â€‌ adds a source. JV partners are hoping the workover programme will reverse the steady decline in oil production from the 11.58-sq km Kharsang field, which has dropped from its peak of 1250 b/d to around 1000 b/d.