Reliance â€کforced' to produce less D6 gas

Vol 12, PW 25 (21 May 09) News in Brief

Reliance is being forced to scale back D6 gas production because of teething troubles with its offtakers.

Gas production at D6 is currently between 20m cm/d to 21m cm/d. “The government has allocated between 31m to 32m cm/d,â€‌ says a source.

“But we are forced to throttle production because the plants operated by our offtakers are not ready.â€‌ Of 21m cm/d gas produced, fertiliser companies are buying 10m cm/d and power companies are buying 11m cm/d.

“We can provide more gas,â€‌ adds a source. “Our production even touched 25m cm/d.

â€‌ Blame maintenance shutdowns at power or fertiliser plants such as Torrent, KRIBHCO, IFFCO and Indo-Gulf Fertilisers for the scaling back in D6 production. “Chambal (Fertilisers) came online today after a shut down,â€‌ we hear.

“Torrent is a major consumer of gas but has shut its plant.â€‌ Reliance believes all its fertiliser and power customers will be back on stream next week.

D6 gas production began on April 1.