Thirteen apply for EIL top job

Vol 12, PW 15 (18 Dec 08) News in Brief

Thirteen candidates including three from within the company have applied to replace Mukesh Rohatgi as chairman of state-owned consultant Engineers India.

The Public Enterprises Selection Board advertised the post on October 24 and set a December 15 deadline for applications. The three internal candidates are DS Chakrabarti, director finance, and executive directors Deepak Mudgil and GD Goyal.

“No one matches Chakrabarti’s experience among the three,â€‌ says a company source. Chakrabarti has been director finance for seven years and has enough time to make a good case for selection, we are told.

Mudgil and Goyal are not considered serious competition to Chakrabarti. “They are too junior,â€‌ adds our company source.

“Mudgil became an executive director only six months ago.â€‌ Three of the other 10 candidates are from the private sector following a change in rule this year allowing senior managers from private sector Indian firms to apply for jobs at state-owned companies.

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