Deepwater Expedition coming to India

Vol 12, PW 3 (26 Jun 08) News in Brief

Reliance is preparing to receive another deepwater rig at D6 to help meet its self-imposed gas production deadline later this year.

PETROWATCH learns Transocean drillship Deepwater Expedition left Cape Town last week on its way to India. “Sea trials were completed by mid-June and the rig returned to base in Cape Town,â€‌ reports a source.

Deepwater Expedition should reach D6 by the middle of next month (July) but first drilling will depend on the stars. “The Ambanis are very superstitious about such things,â€‌ we hear.

“Spudding a well will have to wait for an auspicious time. Mukesh Ambani’s astrologer will choose the time.

Reliance doesn’t mind if a rig waits for a few days. Drilling will begin after a Hindu religious ceremony.

â€‌ Deepwater Expedition was hired by Reliance from July 2008 to August 2010 at $375,000/day. When it arrives, Deepwater Expedition will join two other Transocean rigs at D6: Discoverer 534 and Deepwater Frontier.

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