Deep begins re-test of wells at Ghotaru marginal field

Vol 12, PW 1 (29 May 08) Exploration & Production

Gujarat-based Deep Industries has begun re-testing wells at ONGC’s Ghotaru marginal gasfield in the desert state of Rajasthan.

“One of our brand new workover rigs began the first re-test on May 17,â€‌ a company source reveals. “We expect the re-test to take a minimum of 15 days.

â€‌ Ghotaru, Bankia and Kharatar are three marginal fields in Rajasthan for which Deep signed service contracts with ONGC on July 19, 2007. Under its contracts Deep is committed to re-test five wells at 15.26-sq km Ghotaru, two wells at 18-sq km Bankia and four wells at 63-sq km Kharatar.

Earlier ONGC data indicates hydrocarbon shows from the Goru and Lower Goru formations at around 1200 metres below surface and these are the formations where Deep will target the re-testing programme. Using data from ONGC’s own test results, Deep believes these three fields could hold combined reserves of 1.44bn cubic metres in-place gas, of which 70% should be recoverable.

Deep is focusing on Ghotaru, as it is the biggest field, with in-place reserves of about 0.9bn cubic metres. Kharatar is believed to hold 0.39bn cubic metres and Bankia about 0.15bn cubic metres.

“Miniscule oil shows were also reported by ONGC,â€‌ we hear. “Present plans are to begin gas production from Ghotaru by mid-2009.

â€‌ Deep says it wants to bring the fields on production fast so it can cash in on the present high domestic prices for gas. “We could feed the gas to ONGC’s Gamnewala Gas Gathering Station,â€‌ adds the company.

“From here it could be sent through the GAIL pipeline to the Ramgarh power station or we could generate power by ourselves and trade it or we could convert the gas to LNG.â€‌ Deep claims it could set up a gas-based power station within six months and generate up to 12-MW for 10 years from these three fields.

“We are the biggest private air and natural gas compression service provider in India,â€‌ adds the company. “We have the in-house capability to set up such power stations.


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