Reliance gears up to spud well at CB-ON/1 in Gujarat

Vol 12, PW 1 (29 May 08) Exploration & Production

Reliance will spud its first exploration well at onland Gujarat pre-NELP exploration block CB-ON/1 on June 12.

PETROWATCH learns operator Reliance will use a brand new 2000-hp John Energy rig that has been shipped in from Houston. “The well site has been prepared for the spud and an access road has been laid to the location,â€‌ says a source.

“The rig has already reached site.â€‌ Even though the monsoon rains arrive over India in mid-June, Reliance is not worried, as “this region does not see heavy rains.

â€‌ Reliance (40%) and partners Tullow Oil (50%) and Okland Oil (10% carried interest) have drawn up plans to drill four â€کfirm’ wells and two â€کoptional’ wells on this 4600-sq km block, each to a depth of between 2500 and 3000 metres below surface. Three of the â€کfirm’ wells will target the deeper Olpad formation while the fourth will go to the shallower Kalol and Kadi formations.

The first well will be drilled to about 2000 metres to target the Olpad formation in this rift basin. “This block is basically an oil play with varying sediment thickness,â€‌ we hear.

“The Olpad sediments (on this block) vary hugely in sediment thickness.â€‌ Sediments on the rift shoulder are thin while they are thick in the basin.

Each well is expected to take about a month to drill, and the â€کfirm’ wells are likely to be completed sometime in October, a month after Reliance’s Phase-II ends in September. In the two-year Phase-I, which ran from September 2004 to September 2006, Reliance was expected to shoot 600-km 2D seismic but initially shot 1000-km 2D and then shot another 500-km 2D.

“Interpretation of this data came in last year and generated a large number of leads,â€‌ we hear. “Reliance selected the best six.

â€‌ In Phase-II, Reliance has committed to drill just one well but may drill at least four. If Reliance and its partners decide to enter the two-year Phase-III from September 2008 to September 2010, they will have to drill one well.

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