Mixed news from D6 and NEC-25

Vol 11, PW 20 (21 Feb 08) News in Brief

Dry holes are not something one usually associates with Reliance but the latest exploration well at discovery block D6 is just that.

PETROWATCH learns well MK-1 - spud on January 1 by Discoverer Seven Seas in 1349 metres water depth - reached TD at around 4200 metres below the seabed, but revealed nothing. “The well is over,â€‌ reports a source.

“There have been no hydrocarbon shows.â€‌ Better news comes from NEC-OSN-97/2 (NEC-25), Reliance’s other gas discovery block, where it has deployed semi-submersible Actinia and jack-up Deep Driller-4 to continue an eight-well drilling programme.

Six gas discoveries have already been reported and approved by the DGH as commercially viable. Of the present eight-well programme, the first well (A5) was a gas discovery, the second (A6) was a dry hole and the third (B3) and fourth (J1) wells are being drilled now.

Reliance and (10%) partner Niko are awaiting oil ministry approval of a development plan for NEC-25.