D6 gas down

Vol 14, PW 16 (10 Feb 11) News in Brief

Gas production from the Reliance D6 asset shows no sign of reversing its steady decline.

This month (February) Reliance expects combined gas sales from its D1 and D3 gasfields within D6, plus production from its MA oilfield, to remain at 51m cm/d, according to the DGH. In a January 31 project update, the DGH says average gas sales from January 24 to January 30 was 43m cm/d from the D1 and D3 fields and from the MA field about 8m cm/d.

Most of this (49%) is consumed by power stations, followed by fertiliser factories (27%) and the rest (24%) by sponge iron producers, city gas retailers, petrochemicals and refineries. ‘Rich’ associated gas from the MA oilfield is mixed with ‘lean’ gas from D1 and D3 gasfields after removing condensate of which Reliance produces 2500 b/d at its Gadimoga terminal.

Only 15 of 18 completed wells at D1 and D3 are producing of the 22 approved in the Phase-I development plan. Average MA oil production is 17,500 b/d.