Taiwan enters the fray for Kochi LNG terminal contract

Vol 11, PW 16 (13 Dec 07) Midstream & Downstream

CTCI Machinery Corporation of Taiwan is the surprise new entrant for a slice of the $500m-$600m EPC contract to construct a 2.5m t/y LNG import and regassification terminal for Petronet-LNG at Kochi in southern India.

PETROWATCH learns Petronet-LNG is likely to send a formal written request to CTCI asking it to bid for the regassification facilities contract at the terminal. “We are considering CTCI as we are considering many other companies,â€‌ confirms Petronet-LNG.

“A decision will be taken soon.â€‌ In our last issue, we reported how Petronet-LNG wants to split the EPC contract into two parts to save costs: one for LNG storage tanks and marine facilities, the other for regassification facilities.

Until now the frontrunner for the whole contract was the IHI-led consortium of Japan. But Petronet-LNG is now talking to the IHI-led consortium only to set up the LNG storage tanks.

Petronet-LNG has also written to several companies asking them to bid to set up marine facilities, just as it is considering CTCI of Taiwan for the regassification facilities. “Petronet-LNG has written to Afcons, L&T and Adani Port for the marine facilities,â€‌ adds a source.

“Adani is working with Petronet-LNG at the dry port being set up at Dahej.â€‌ On November 30, CTCI representatives submitted documents to Petronet-LNG enabling it to qualify as bidder for the regassification contract.

Before that on November 22 and 23, CTCI visited Kochi for an on the spot visit of the terminal site. “Petronet-LNG and CTCI held some preliminary discussions at the site,â€‌ says a source.

“Exxon’s team was there at the same time.â€‌ On November 15, CTCI made its first visit to Petronet-LNG’s office in Delhi and delivered a presentation on its capabilities and past work experience.

“IHI and CTCI have worked together before and are working on some projects even now,â€‌ we hear. “They already enjoy a good working relationship.