Too much work too few people at ONGC

Vol 10, PW 26 (03 May 07) News in Brief

ONGC appears to be facing a severe shortage of senior exploration managers.

How else to explain the decision to appoint executive director SV Rao, 53, to head the three main bodies that look after its exploration policy Until April this year, Rao’s only responsibility was as head of the Exploration and Development Directorate in Dehra Dun. But later this month Rao will be formally appointed head of two additional divisions: Chief Offshore – Exploration and Development, a post set up by former CMD Subir Raha, which is vacant since Raha moved out on 24th May last year, and head of the Western Offshore basin, earlier headed by PSN Kutty, who becomes chief of geophysical services at ONGC.

“Rao is a capable man but he is not in good health,â€‌ says an ONGC source. “People are unhappy at his appointment as head of all three directorates.

â€‌ Contacted by PETROWATCH, Rao admits that the hugely increased workload of heading three divisions is “maddening!â€‌