Vol 3, PW 10 (09 Jun 99) News in Brief

Indias Central Electricity Authority has given techno-economic approval to two Reliance power plants of 250-MW each at Jamnagar.

The project will use petroleum coke as a fuel, a residual product from Reliance's own refinery at Jamnagar. The cost of the project has been fixed at Rs 22.5bn ($535m).

The fuel price has been fixed at Rs1,799 ($42) per tonne against the Reliance proposal of Rs3,360 ($80) per tonne.The power station will sell power to the Gujarat State Electricity Board (GSEB).

Until the deal, Petroleum coke was another product from the Jamnagar refinery for which Reliance had no buyers. It now hopes to make a small profit on the petroleum coke.