Vol 3, PW 10 (09 Jun 99) News in Brief

British Gas has completed a pre-feasibility study on the construction of a proposed 6m tonnes a year (t/y) LNG terminal at Kish Island - a free-trade zone in Iran.

If carried through, the $1.5bn terminal will source gas from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), transported to the terminal at Kish Island through an underwater pipeline, before transportation to its ultimate destination - British Gass LNG regassification terminal at Pipavav in Gujarat. BGs pre-feasibility report awaits approval by Iranian authorities.

Until now, British Gas appeared ready to source its LNG for India from Yemen. In May 1998, Gujarat Pipavav LNG Company (52% owned by BG International) signed an MOU with Yemen LNG for the supply of 5.3m t/y of LNG to Pipavav.