Vol 3, PW 10 (09 Jun 99) News in Brief

Fire-fighters struggling to douse a fire at ONGCs B-121-D gas well offshore Bombay say they finally extinguished the blaze on (Sunday) 6 June, following drilling of a second relief well.

An ONGC statement said the intensity of fire on the platform declined when the first relief well was completed on 22 May. "With the completion of the second relief well, the source of gas has been completely cut off".

An uncontrolled flow of gas was detected on 11 March from well B-121-D which was connected to the B-121 platform located around 160km north-west of Mumbai. On 12 March fire broke out at the well and spread to well B-121-C.

On 20 March, the rig Sagar Ratna was jacked down and towed a kilometre away from the platform. Drilling of the two relief wells began on 7 April, following a shallow seismic survey close to the platform.