Vol 3, PW 2 (17 Feb 99) Exploration & Production

Despite ONGCs manifest disappointment at the results from D-1, it has not lost hope that the Bombay Offshore, location of the Bombay High, still has some hidden secrets.

Westerns recently completed survey of the South Bassein gasfield confirms renewed ONGC interest in the potential of uncovering marginal oilfields on the Bassein rim. A source tells Petrowatch that after first abandoning the venture, ONGC is now showing renewed interest in Bassein rim oil, and is in talks with a consultant on how best to proceed.

Rather optimistically, he suggests that the potential of Bassein rim oil is larger than several small fields put together. Reliance Petroleum and Shell are two companies to have been mentioned in connection with the production of rim oil from Bassein.

Elsewhere in the Bombay Offshore, ONGC is encouraged by results from the following marginal prospects:- Prospect Status B-28-1 Small field, discovered two years ago, but no production begun as it was not found commercially viable. Now, with newer technology, more recoveries possible.

But with prices down, there is little likelihood of production beginning now. B-39 Gas presence confirmed.

No production programme in place for reasons above. ONGC could start producing thesefields by itself or farm them out to outsiders.

No decision has been taken yet. B-194 Dry B-55 Proven field, work at an advanced stage, production expected to begin October, 1999.

Tapti-Daman Exploratory work at preliminary stage, set to intensify TAPTI:- A proposal to increase production from Enron is currently with the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH). Enron and Reliance Petroleum believe production here can increase from 8m cm/d to 22m cm/d.

ONGC supports the move to increase production: "We would certainly want production to go up as we have 40% stake in that venture. It is certain that gas production will go up from present levels, but it is a bit early to say by how much", ONGC tells Petrowatch.