Delay in re-development of Bombay High

Vol 4, PW 14 (16 Aug 00) Exploration & Production

Service contractors interested in a slice of the estimated $650m pie that ONGC plans to spend on its redevelopment of the northern part of the Bombay High will have to wait a while longer.

This report learns completion of a 'redevelopment plan' for the Bombay High will be delayed by between three to six months. On a visit to Mumbai in May oil minister Ram Naik optimistically announced that the plans would be ready by July.

He was wrong. A series of administrative reasons are now being blamed for the delay.

"We are still calculating the economics of the programme," learns Petrowatch, "We also need a number of internal approvals, including from the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons." This report understands the redevelopment programme will be divided into two parts: Bombay High (north) and Bombay High (south). "The plan for Bombay High (north) should be ready by year end," reveals a source, "The Bombay High (south) redevelopment plan will be ready three months after." A senior ONGC source tells Petrowatch the corporation hopes to begin, "actual physical work" on the Bombay High (north) by the end of this financial year.

Work on the Bombay High (south) will begin a month after. Whatever, ONGC is confident of finding more oil: "Analysis of the data is complete," said a source, "We are positive that we will get additional hydrocarbons from Bombay High.

We still see a lot of potential there." Hopes are high that Bombay High production - on average 240,000 b/d can increase by 50% over the next ten years.

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