Vol 3, PW 2 (17 Feb 99) Exploration & Production

ONGC has been disappointed with results from an appraisal programme at the D-1 marginal field south of the Bombay High.

In a past issue of this report, we reported how ONGC was confident of obtaining 20-30,000 barrels a day (b/d) from D-1, a limestone carbonate reservoir in waters of around 95 metres depth. It now looks as if those estimates were over-optimistic.

ONGCs Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS) is currently examining the data from D-1 and is expected to announce a downward estimate of the fields recoverable reserves. One source expects this to be around 14m tonnes, much lower than earlier predicted by ONGC.

Originally, D-1 was awarded to a consortium of the UKs Enterprise Oil and Indian Oil Corporation until its controversial return to ONGC in 1997. Petrowatch has obtained the following data from the D-1 field:- Description: Well No D-1-13 Objectives I to VI: Dry.

Objective VII - which is the main pay - gave the following results:- Oil 514 b/d GOR 21 Depth 2248-2253m Objective VIII Oil With 1/2" choke 858 b/d With 3/8"choke 745 b/d With 1/4" choke 628 b/d API 38 FWHP 350psi GOR 13 After acid job (1/2" choke) 2593 b/d Estimated reserves: 34-35m tonnes Development Plan: 10-12 wells planned (source: ONGC)

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