CVC wants CBI to investigate GAILآ’s J.K Jain

Vol 5, PW 9 (20 Jun 01) People & Policy


K Jain, acting chairman of Gas Authority of India, is in trouble. In the last issue we referred to a letter sent by India's anti-corruption watchdog the Central Vigilance Commission to the oil ministry.

We can now confirm that the CVC wants the oil ministry to ask the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to investigate Jain with a view to filing criminal charges. "The commission has advised initiation of minor penalty proceedings against Shri J.

K Jain, Director (Fin), GAIL, for the lapses observed on his part in the procurement of two Air Supported Structures and their utilisation," reads a communication dated 1st June. "The Commission has also advised the Ministry to consider entrusting the case to the CBI for investigation into the possibility of hatching a criminal conspiracy to defraud GAIL." It gets worse.

"The Commission is not in a position to grant vigilance clearance to Shri Jain at this stage for extension of his tenure beyond 21st January 2001 as well as for his appointment as Chairman & Managing Director of GAIL." Luckily for Jain, he has the support of the oil ministry, which has ignored the CVC and extended his tenure as acting chairman till 31st July. Can it become a permanent appointment Not if the anti-graft zealots have their way: "The oil ministry is requested to make a reference to the CBI expeditiously," adds the note.