Anti-corruption probe singles out DGH officer

Vol 18, PW 26 (27 Aug 15) People & Policy

Amritha Kumar, deputy general manager finance and accounts at the DGH, is under investigation by the anti-corruption Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) over the award of contracts to furnish the DGH's new Noida office back in 2007.

Last month (July) Kumar - an ONGC employee on secondment to the DGH - replied to a 'chargesheet' from ONGC chairman DK Sarraf. Since then the CVC has been investigating Kumar's role when the DGH moved from its central Delhi address at Hindustan Times building on KG Marg in Delhi to the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Delhi at C-139, Sector-63 in Noida on November 1, 2007.

A CVC report accusing Kumar was submitted to ONGC in June 2015. "He's accused of making money when the DGH moved office," alleges a DGH source.

"Even the CBI carried out an inquiry and found him accountable." Contacted by this report Kumar flatly denies any wrongdoing. "We are government employees working within its framework," said Kumar.

"I cannot say anything else. If you want to know anything more call the DG (director general) of the DGH or ONGC.

Everything will be alright." Despite his confidence some believe Kumar will pay a penalty after the CVC submits its final report. "An inquiry officer has been appointed to investigate," we hear.

Others argue he is being made a scapegoat.

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