Worley begins work on Mumbai High (South)

Vol 6, PW 10 (17 Jul 02) Exploration & Production

Worley of Australia has begun the mammoth task of helping ONGC review its ambitious $1.1bn modernisation of the Mumbai High (South) oil and gasfield.

ONGC believes Mumbai High (South) can produce an incremental 36m tonnes (262m barrels) of oil and 10bn cubic feet of gas by the end of its life 2030. Who better to turn to for advice than Worley - a company that helped it save $13m on the cost of the MNW gas process platform for the Mumbai High (North) In past issues of PETROWATCH we reported ONGC's choice of Worley to "carry out a review of the proposed scope of Mumbai High (South) prior to carrying out any further design activities" for new facilities.

What value can Worley bring to ONGC For the moment ONGC doesn't seem to know and is waiting to see "whether application of Worley's international knowledge will have a material effect on the scope of ONGC's revamp plan." With Worley, ONGC wants to replicate its experience with Gaffney Cline & Associates, when staffers gained valuable hands-on experience working alongside GCA consultants on the Mumbai High. "The objective is not a case-by-case assignment project but knowledge build-up for our multi-disciplinary teams working on a continuous basis with Worley." ONGC will measure Worley's success by the number of recommendations it adopts as internal standards for future projects.

At Worley's request, ONGC has given it access to reservoir and GCA teams that worked on the Mumbai High. Read on for a snapshot of Worley's preliminary recommendations.