Worley's tips for Mumbai High South revamp

Vol 6, PW 19 (20 Nov 02) Exploration & Production

ONGC MUST BE quietly happy with the conclusions of its Australian consultant Worley.

Last month Worley submitted a 'revised report' of its analysis of the ongoing $1.5bn Mumbai High South revamp that broadly endorsed ONGC's, "coherent redevelopment plan, which will significantly improve the performance of the field." Adds Worley: "ONGC have an outstanding opportunity to continue with current asset development plans while also introducing a range of industry leading strategies that will ensure ONGC optimise its performance across all facilities to enable production targets to be met, and if possible, exceeded." Worley's key findings are that: The location of the new MSP process platform adjacent to the existing BHS complex is a suitable location for new gas processing and compression facilities A single new 2.1m cm/d main gas compressor should be installed - with a second machine allowed for deck space. However, this should not be installed as part of the forthcoming project Three new pressure booster compressors should be provided that allow the inlet separation to be run at 4-5 bar thereby increasing well productivity and also ensuring that 2.1m cm/d capacity can be restored to the existing BHS compressors A single new 15-MW power generator should be installed in place of three smaller machines to rationalise the generator capacity with the existing BHS units.

This will also be cheaper to purchase and maintain A new distributed control system should be provided for the full BHS complex and the control room should be located within the BHS platform. This will allow better control of the process parameters, in particular the gas lift optimisation, as well as reducing the control room manning.

Worley says carrying out the revamp is not enough. Instead, ONGC should gear up for 'lifetime asset management'.

Naturally Worley offers its help in developing an 'asset reference' plan.