PK Das new additional secretary in the oil ministry

Vol 7, PW 12 (27 Aug 03) News in Brief

PK Das took charge as Additional Secretary in the oil ministry on 14th August with an extra responsibility as financial advisor.

Das replaces joint secretary and financial advisor Dr Surajit Mitra who was unceremoniously removed from his post on 17th July after apparently ruffling some highly placed feathers. Mitra held the post for just 15 months.

With his departure, the post of financial advisor has been upgraded to that of additional secretary, held by Das. "The oil ministry is now seen as a high-profile ministry," we are told.

Earlier Das was joint secretary in Delhi's ministry of youth affairs and sports and has no prior oil ministry experience. Born in October 1947, he is a 1972 entrant to the Indian Administrative Service from Madhya Pradesh.

How long will he remain in this job "Normally the tenure is for five years, unless Das is promoted as secretary and goes elsewhere." The oil ministry now has two additional secretaries: MS Srinivasan and PK Das.