Looking for a new DG at the Directorate general of Hydrocarbons

Vol 7, PW 17 (05 Nov 03) News in Brief

Very soon the oil ministry will begin the hunt for a new Director General at the DGH to replace Dr Chandra with an advertisementinviting applications from eligible candidates.

Once applications are received, a 'Search Committee' will review them, interview candidates and prepare a shortlist from which one name will be selected. This will take time.

First the oil ministry must submit a proposal to the department of personnel and training to set up a 'Search Committee' headed by oil secretary BK Chaturvedi. When this happens, the process will be set in motion.

For now, DGH general manager GC Saxena is holding temporary charge and by all accounts the ministry is happy with the quick evaluation of the NELP-IV bids (received on 30th September) done by the DGH. We understand the ministry is also thinking of appointing an 'additional' Director General to take charge until a new DG is appointed.