BPRL wants 'one-stop-shop' from DGH

Vol 24, PW 15 (17 Jun 21) News in Brief

Bharat PetroResources president technical (Ms) Barnali Tokhi has called on the DGH to set up a one-stop-shop online 'portal' of upstream information for operators and service providers.

"One of the fundamental challenges we face today is finding a rig operator," said Tokhi during the fourth session of a DGH-hosted industry webinar on June 3 (2021). "If the DGH sets up a portal, we can have information at the click of a button on the number of rigs with different contractors and service providers."

Tokhi believes everyone in the industry would benefit from improved time and cost management if the DGH were to take up her suggestion. "Everybody can just log in and choose a service provider best equipped to handle their needs," she said.

Tokhi stressed that service providers could save time mobilising if they knew what services operators require once a bidding round concluded. Tokhi also asked policymakers to help oil and gas operators resolve persistent problems like land acquisition.

"There are areas within a block where we can do no exploration because they fall within cities," she said. "And there are areas which fall within agricultural zones."

Tokhi said policymakers should clearly demarcate such areas before bidding. "We have limited time to complete our exploration programme," she said.

"It would help a great deal if land availability and environmental clearances are taken care of before."