ONGC in shock as GGM dies during presentation

Vol 22, PW 22 (22 Aug 19) News in Brief

Stress and heavy workloads are again on the agenda at ONGC after the sudden unexplained death of group general manager VK Gupta during a presentation in Delhi on August 17.

Gupta, 59, was posted at his home town Dehradun and set to retire in November. "It was 5.21pm when he was making a presentation and in front of us, he suddenly slumped," says a senior HR officer present.

"One moment he was there, the next moment he was gone." An engineer by training, Gupta was cremated on August 19 at Vikasnagar near Dehradun and is survived by his wife as well as a son and a daughter, both IT engineers.

"We are in a state of shock," adds an executive director rank officer. "Gupta was a friend and an ever-smiling colleague.

In the middle of the presentation he stammered, slumped, struggled for a moment and was gone. Even the chief medical officer was present and tried to do everything possible."

Some are openly asking about stress levels at ONGC where many senior officers are retiring, leaving a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of younger officers.