Ajay Tyagi likely to move out of oil ministry

Vol 8, PW 5 (02 Jun 04) News in Brief

Ajay Tyagi, director in the oil ministry charged with supply and pricing of oil products, will soon be moving to another ministry as joint secretary.

Tyagi, aged 45, is one of 55 government officials, selected by the department of personnel and training for promotion to joint secretary. Tyagi, considered a favourite of oil secretary BK Chaturvedi, joined the oil ministry in September 2001 and played a key role in overseeing the dismantling of the Administered Pricing Mechanism on 1st April 2002 with the creation of new supply and pricing economic models.

Its unclear which ministry Tyagi will join but a source reveals its unlikely hell remain in the oil ministry because the joint secretary post for supply and pricing of oil products is already held by Prabh Das. Tyagi is an engineering graduate from Delhis Indian Institute of Technology and joined government service as an Indian Administrative Service officer in 1984.

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