Ajay Tyagi tipped for job of JS gas next April

Vol 8, PW 19 (15 Dec 04) News in Brief

Ajay Tyagi, director charged with supply and pricing of oil products, could become the new joint secretary gas when the post becomes vacant early next year.

Present joint secretary gas AK Srivastava finishes his stint on 7th April and moves are afoot within the ministry to appoint Tyagi in his place. Tyagi is too precious for us to lose, a senior ministry official tells this report.

The oil ministry is not going to fail this time. Tyagi, aged 45, is in line for promotion to joint secretary and senior officials are trying to keep him in the oil ministry at all costs.

Earlier this year they failed to get him appointed as joint secretary and financial advisor in place of Badal Kumar Das following opposition form the finance ministry. But the post of joint secretary (gas) falls under this ministrys purview, adds a senior official.

No one can challenge its decision. And as an internal candidate, Tyagi has a better claim than any outsider.