Oil India plans 'carbonated water' EOR at Dikom

Vol 22, PW 18 (27 Jun 19) Exploration & Production

Soda is often consumed in bars, mixed with whiskey.

But for the first time in India carbonated water is about to be used to make oil flow more freely at Oil India's ageing DIKOM field in upper Assam. Oil India wants to hire a contractor to build facilities to store up to 150 t/d of CO2 sourced from GAIL's Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer (BCPL) petrochemical complex at Lepetkata, around 30-km from DIKOM.

Whoever wins must liquefy and store captured CO2 and transport it to the 1500 kilolitre/day water injection facility under construction at DIKOM. They must then mix up to 10% of CO2 with water and pump it into wells.

The aim: to boost current DIKOM production of around 1000 b/d. Oil India invited EoIs for the five-year contract with an optional two-year extension on May 19.

An initial June 13 deadline for responses was later extended to June 22. "Since we are only at the EoI stage," says an Oil India source, "we will be flexible and accept them (EoIs) even after June 22."

Contacted by this report, oilfield service providers Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Halliburton all confirm they will respond to the EoIs. So too, surprisingly, did inexperienced Assam Petroleum which would need to find a foreign partner before bidding.

"Linde and Air Liquide are among the companies with expertise handling industrial gases," adds a likely bidder. "Any new company could join them."