Oil India pre-tender for Assam seismic

Vol 17, PW 8 (14 Nov 13) News in Brief

Oil India will hold a pre-tender meeting end-November in Kolkata or Delhi as it prepares to shoot 500-sq km 3D at its Nahorkatiya and Dikom Chabua fields in Assam.

Companies will get a chance to provide recommendations on the tender conditions, according to a contractor. Asian Oilfield Services, Shiv Vani, Alpha Geo, Geofizyka Torun and IOT are among the companies who sent in EoIs to Oil India early this year for the estimated $20m (Rs127cr) assignment.

Shooting 500-sq km 3D is likely to take at least one year to complete, we hear. Oil India wants to use both land and water seismic sources at Nahorkatiya, which encompasses the Burhi Dihing riverbed and swamps on either side of the river.

“The (250-sq km) Nahorkatiya stretch is complicated and challenging,” says another potential bidder. "Unlike the (250-sq km) Dikom Chabua area which is on flat terrain.

" Burhi Dihing is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River.

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