'Look Ma no cables!' - Oil India on seismic high!

Vol 17, PW 26 (14 Aug 14) Exploration & Production

Oil India has hit upon the perfect solution for shooting seismic in the hilly terrain of north-eastern India where it is most active.

On July 25, Oil India floated a tender to buy advanced cable-less seismic equipment, which can record 'shots' directly through geophones without cables. Oil India wants bids in by September 24.

"This technology can be used to shoot both 2D and 3D," says an equipment manufacturer. "It's useful in mountainous or hilly terrain where laying cables is difficult." Cable-less equipment can record shots either through conventional dynamite blasting or by using a vibrator machine.

"This advanced technology is a must for companies like ours," adds an Oil India source. "We work mostly in areas with difficult terrain like Assam and Mizoram.

With this equipment we can use our own crew or hire manpower from seismic contractors to shoot 2D or 3D." Only a few companies manufacture cable-less seismic equipment, among them US companies Wireless Seismic, Geospace Technologies, INOVA, FairfieldNodal and iSeis. "No Indian company has this technology," adds a potential bidder.

Oil India needs 3000 geophones, a 24 channel seismograph to record data from 24 geophones simultaneously, a GPS-based radio blasting system or receiver, ground electronics, a recorder cabin and truck plus data harvesting equipment to measure 600 channels simultaneously. Oil India also wants equipment it can upgrade from 3000 to 6000 channels.

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