RK Srivastava to focus on exploration

Vol 22, PW 15 (16 May 19) News in Brief

RK Srivastava has outlined his priorities as ONGC's next director exploration after his predicted selection on May 8 by the PESB government recruiter.

Speaking by phone on May 10, the executive director and head of ONGC's exploration and development (E&D) directorate in Dehradun accepted our congratulations as he prepares to replace AK Dwiwedi who retires on July 31. "Thank you," said Srivastava.

"I'm traveling and will need time to discuss my vision in detail but in short I can tell you my three priorities" First, said Srivastava, is to focus on finding new areas to explore after analysing seismic data collected under the National Seismic Programme. "Our second priority is consolidation of new recent discoveries," he stressed.

Third, Srivastava wants ONGC to work on old and mature areas to find deeper plays. When news of his selection appeared on May 8, no one was surprised.

"Srivastava has a lot of experience," says an ONGC source. "He has worked on all of India's basins."

Another source in the Dehradun-based E&D directorate spoke of Srivastava's clean image. "He is an honest man dedicated to his work," we hear.