Hunt begins at PESB for NC Pandey's successor

Vol 22, PW 15 (16 May 19) People & Policy

NC Pandey retires in eleven months but government recruiter PESB has already begun looking for his replacement as ONGC director technology & field services.

On April 12, the PESB advertised the position seeking CVs from interested candidates by June 24. These days the PESB typically interviews six candidates from the company and one external candidate.

Of the ONGC candidates the most senior expected to apply is executive director Anurag Sharma, according to colleagues. As a driller, he will have an advantage: both Pandey and predecessor Shashi Shanker also belong to the drilling discipline.

Sharma was also chief executive assistant to Pandey before his promotion in April and imminent transfer out of Delhi as asset manager to Karaikal where he takes charge on September 30 from Ved Vrat Mishra. Sharma is also expected to appear for OVL director operations interviews on May 20.

Next on the list is group general manager SK Srivastava, presently in chairman Shanker's "management support group.' Srivastava is also a driller. Another potential candidate is Tarun Malik, head of drilling services at Sibsagar in Assam.

Next on the list could be Pankaj Kumar, yet another driller, and a group general manager now working in Delhi as chief of corporate planning. Kumar has been transferred out this year to Gujarat as manager of the Cambay asset where he takes charge on August 31.

He is also appearing for OVL director operations interviews.