DK Sarraf bans useless meetings

Vol 21, PW 9 (08 Feb 18) News in Brief

Fed up with fumbling juniors, PNGRB chairman DK Sarraf is vetting visitors.

Now visiting gas retailers must fill out a printed excel sheet at reception, listing their names and designations. This sheet is then taken to Sarraf's personal secretary who goes through it before passing it to Sarraf.

"Only after going through the sheet personally will Sarraf take a call on inviting the team to his cabin for talks," we hear. "Basically he doesn't like to waste time on junior people who can't take decisions." Also the PNGRB has written to gas retailers asking them to submit a list of all participants for meetings with Sarraf.

Some companies, like GSPC, always take a lawyer along. GSPC started doing this after then PNGRB chairman S.

Krishnan fined it Rs1 lakh ($1500) in June 2012 because subsidiary Gujarat State Petronet failed to reach financial closure by the January 3, 2012 deadline for the Mallavaram to Vijaipur pipeline. Then GSPC managing director Tapan Ray objected to the penalty and made it mandatory for a lawyer to accompany the team always to the PNGRB.