Halliburton vessel bid under rival attack

Vol 20, PW 25 (07 Sep 17) News in Brief

Schlumberger and GE-owned Baker Hughes have separately complained to ONGC's Independent External Monitors against rival Halliburton's inclusion in a well stimulation vessel hire tender.

A source with direct knowledge of the matter tells us ONGC's Executive Purchase Committee on August 23 decided to overlook the fact that Halliburton submitted the paper copy of its bid bond 30 minutes late on June 23. "ONGC's logic was that as L&T's 1.5 hour delay (in the unrelated Daman tender) was pardoned (also on August 23) Halliburton's delay too should be forgiven," says a source.

ONGC's monitors have to yet to fix a date to hear arguments from Baker, Schlumberger and ONGC. Most say Halliburton's inclusion is a "clear violation" of ONGC's own bid criteria.

"ONGC can't justify violating its rules," we hear. "If exceptions are made (for some companies) why have rules at all?" ONGC wants to rehire or replace Schlumberger vessel Greatship Ramya whose three-year contract ends in March 2018 and possibly hire one more vessel for three years.

Schlumberger and Baker declined to comment.