Halliburton uncertainty in ONGC vessel race

Vol 20, PW 21 (13 Jul 17) Exploration & Production

Halliburton looks as if it might be disqualified from ONGC's well stimulation vessel tender leaving just four bidders in the race: Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Superior Energy Services and Almansoori.

ONGC wants to rehire or replace Schlumberger vessel Greatship Ramya whose three-year contract ends in March 2018 and is offering a firm three-year contract. One more vessel might also be hired for three years, but this is yet to be confirmed.

When bids were submitted on June 23 it appears Halliburton was unable to deliver a hard copy of the bid documents along with the bid bond by the 4pm deadline. This despite uploading its bid on the tenders website - although this could not be independently confirmed.

A source adds ONGC's Executive Purchase Committee will decide whether to disqualify Halliburton after receiving a recommendation from the tender committee. "Halliburton is a major service provider so ONGC will tread cautiously," we hear.

But others say ONGC has no option but to disqualify Halliburton. "If Halliburton is excused others will protest very loudly," we learn.

"With business down everybody is desperate for contracts and eliminating Halliburton will reduce competition." A source speculates that Halliburton staff might have been delayed by traffic on the way to ONGC's office. "Otherwise, there's no reason for them not to submit (physical bid) documents," he says.

Halliburton did not respond to phone calls or an email. ONGC declined to comment.

In total the five bidders offered 28 vessels.

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