GSPC makes third discovery at CB-ONN-2000/1

Vol 10, PW 5 (29 Jun 06) Exploration & Production

GSPCs run of exploration successes continues.

This time the good news comes from results of its latest well at NELP-II onland exploration block CB-ONN-2000/1, otherwise known as the Ahmedabad block because of its proximity to Gujarats commercial capital. PETROWATCH learns GSPC has made its third significant discovery on the block at well SE-1 (Sanand East) to add to two earlier discoveries at wells PK-1 (Pisawada Kauka) and PK-2.

SE-1 is a directional well drilled to a depth of 2022 metres by Dalma Energy truck-mounted rig MR-4. GSPC perforated SE-1 on (Thursday) 22nd June.

First reports indicate that gas flowed at 20,000 cm/d (875,000 cf/d) at a sub-surface pressure of 3300-psi in temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and surface pressure of 700-psi. Flow rates have increased to between 60,000 cm/d and 70,000 cm/d (2.1m cf/d to 2.45m cf/d), reveals a source.

The well is still being tested; were trying to stabilise the gas flow. During drilling, GSPC encountered 34 metres of net pay between 1734 and 1768 metres depth.

Small quantities of light oil are also reported to have flowed at approximately 50 b/d. Within GSPC, theres talk that the new find could be as big as the Hazira gasfield, operated by Niko Resources with GSPC.

Uncorroborated figures circulating within GSPC suggest SE-1 holds in-place reserves of between 250bn and 300bn cubic feet. However, a senior GSPC source down plays speculation until testing is complete.

But privately, insiders believe a second well adjacent to SE-1 planned on this 3-sq km structure could reveal another 250bn to 300bn cubic feet of reserves, bringing total estimated in-place gas within the block to between 500bn and 600bn cubic feet. GSPC is planning a second well near SE-1 within the next 15 days and a third well soon after that.

SE-1 opens up a new play on the 1426-sq km CB-ONN-2000/1 block. Five wells drilled by GSPC have been in the 10-km stretch between Pisawada and Kauka areas: PK-1, PK-3, PK-5, PK-4 and PK-2.

A sixth well SA-1 (South Ahmedabad) was drilled in a different structure.