Despite delay good news imminent from GSPC block

Vol 9, PW 17 (01 Dec 05) Exploration & Production

Bad weather and equipment failure on board rig Perro Negro 3 have upset GSPCs well laid out drilling schedule at well KG#17: target depth of 5700 metres is expected to be reached only sometime in the second week of December.

Despite this delay of more than three weeks, GSPC continues to be cheered by news from KG#17, its fourth well in a 14-well Phase-I drilling commitment at KG-OSN-2001/3. Spud on 17th August in 65 metres water depth, the well is located 1.8-km northeast of the third (discovery) well KG#8.

The fourth well is meant to delineate the extent of the 20-tcf discovery reported by GSPC - to industry disbelief - at the third well. The third and fourth wells lie on the same fault block on KG-OSN-2001/3.

By the middle of last week, after drilling resumed, Perro Negro 3s drill bit had reached a depth of 4375 metres. Says an industry source: GSPC encountered cap rock at about 4000 metres and this is expected to continue till about 4500 metres.

After that, sand is expected till about 5700 metres, which is also the target depth for this well. From about 4100 metres GSPC began drilling an 8.5-inch hole to the target depth.

Once target depth is reached the 7-inch liner will be lowered. GSPC senior management believes the fourth well could turn out to be one of the best wells in India with a very big pay section.

An industry source adds GSPC is basing this assumption on leads from the seismic data as well as drilling logs. GSPC has been recording gas shows continuously, earlier than expected, from the upper zone of this well, we hear.

The upper zone, particularly from 3800 metres to 3900 metres is very good sand with good porosity and permeability. GSPC has co-related logging data with seismic and is coming to the conclusion that this sand could be about 10-sq km in area and 40 metres thick.

Tentative plans are to perforate one interval in this zone to carry out a drill stem test.

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