Dewanchand rigs for Oilex and GSPC

Vol 11, PW 15 (29 Nov 07) News in Brief

Mumbai-based drilling contractor Dewanchand Ramsaran expects to mobilise its first imported US rig to India for Australian explorer Oilex at the Cambay block in Gujarat.

Still held up by customs at Mumbai port, the new 2000-hp DRIPL-8 onland rig built in Houston should be released this week or next. “There were a lot of intervening holidays which held up the rig at the port,â€‌ Dewanchand tells us.

“Nobody was around to clear it.â€‌ When DRIPL-8 leaves Mumbai, Dewanchand reckons the journey to Oilex’s Cambay block, where the rig begins a six-well appraisal programme, should take “maximum one week.

â€‌ Oilex has negotiated a nine-month contract with Dewanchand with an option to extend if required. Good news also for GSPC.

Dewanchand tells us two new-build rigs (1000-hp and 2000-hp) hired to GSPC on two-year contracts each “sailed out of Houston three days ago (November 16)â€‌ and should reach India by January 10.

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