Shashi Shanker's file moves fast

Vol 20, PW 22 (27 Jul 17) News in Brief

Shashi Shanker has easily won important CVC clearance to take over as ONGC chairman from October 1, a day after DK Sarraf steps down.

ONGC's 56-year old director technology and field services received the clearance mid-July. "His file is moving fast," says a source.

He adds Shanker winning CVC clearance early means something, possibly that any past controversies, such as allegations he supported Delhi-based Jagson International against the rules, have been dismissed. Shanker's file must now be cleared by other agencies such as the CBI and Intelligence Bureau before it is sent with the recommendation of oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan to the PMO.

"(Narendra) Modi will take the final call," says an ONGC officer. "You cannot use connections to influence Modi unless he receives a complaint against the selection of a candidate which is also backed up by hard proof." On June 19, the PESB recommended that Shanker replace Sarraf, who retires on September 30.

(Ms) Harjeet Kaur Joshi, director finance, Shipping Corporation of India, came second.

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