ONGC planning three new wellhead platforms

Vol 20, PW 14 (06 Apr 17) Exploration & Production

ONGC is widely expected to invite offers this week for a Rs1400cr ($215m) EPC tender to set up three wellhead platforms plus pipelines and to modify an established platform off Mumbai.

ONGC originally planned to invite bids on March 31 but this was postponed so it could include modification of the established offshore Mumbai B-193 field process platform. At the B-147 field in "water depths of 77 metres, ONGC wants a new four-slot wellhead platform with pipelines and" established platforms modified.

Three new development wells will be drilled from the wellhead platform to extract 1576 b/d oil and 250,000 cm/d gas. Oil will be brought to shore at Uran and gas at Hazira.

Next, at the BSE-11 field in water depths of around 45 metres, ONGC wants one new six-slot wellhead platform and pipelines plus modification of topsides at two existing platforms. Two wells will be drilled from the new platform to produce 1000 b/d oil, 1808 b/d condensate and 340,000 cm/d gas.

At the NBP-20 field in water depths of around 90 metres, ONGC wants one new wellhead platform with a three-well clamp-on structure, electrical submersible pump system, pipelines and power cables under its Phase-IV development plan. Six wells will be drilled from this platform to yield 4890 b/d in 2019-20.

ONGC wants all three projects completed by 2019.

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