Beach party strategy at ONGC

Vol 20, PW 12 (09 Mar 17) News in Brief

Usually the most important decisions made at a beach involve whether or not to use suntan lotion to beat the heat.

But a senior ONGC team actually went to beach resort Poovar near Trivandrum in Kerala from March 2 to 4 to decide a strategy to grow the company over cocktails and rum. ONGC chairman DK Sarraf, all the directors on the board and ministry officials including oil secretary KD Tripathi, additional secretary AP Sawhney and joint secretary (exploration) Amar Nath were present.

"In total around 12 people from the ministry attended," says a source. "Seven independent ONGC directors were also invited." Each ONGC director made a presentation on how their division will contribute to the company's growth.

"Suggestions were also taken from independent directors as well as the ministry," we hear. Many at ONGC believe holding a strategy meeting at a luxury resort amounts to nothing more than a paid holiday.

"Management should conduct meetings in the field," says an ONGC source. "That is really the only way they will get to know the reality on the ground."