In our story, 'All eyes on March 20 for Chhara LNG deadline' published in the March 9 edition of we incorrectly reported that, 'Vijay Tanks & Vessels has no LNG tank experience'. In an e-mail to this report Anand R. Raghavan, Managing Director, Vijay Tanks & Vessels, sets the record straight by pointing out that as sub-contractor to IHI of Japan, Vijay has to date built the "maximum" number of LNG tanks in India: eight in total. At Dahej it constructed two tanks under Phase-I and two tanks under Phase-III (Phase-II tanks were constructed by Punj Lloyd). At Kochi Vijay built both tanks and so too at Mundra where it also built two tanks.

In our story, 'Reliance unhappy with Aker Solutions' published in the same edition we incorrectly reported that Aker Solutions provides maintenance and repair services to the Aker-owned FPSO at KG-D6. It has come to our knowledge that Aker Solutions has no responsibilities for the FPSO Dhirubhai-1. Dhirubhai-1 is under contract with Aker Floating Production. Reliance is leasing Dhirubhai-1 from Aker Floating Production who is also operating and maintaining Dhirubhai-1. The contracts have a 10 years duration from September 2008. The statement that, "Aker raised rates for its personnel" is not relevant to the FPSO Dhirubhai-1 or Aker Floating Production. Errors regretted. Editor

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